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NRM Faith Based Films, LLC was established in 2015 as a company to produce unique, quality screenplays of family entertainment with an emphasis on a foundation of faith and hope while addressing important issues of this world.

While entertaining its audience is important, making movies that pierces the soul and change lives for the better, is just as important.  NRM Faith Based Films, LLC is preparing to make its first mark in the world with producing their first 3D Feature Animation entitled "Spotty", a movie that will bring awareness about bullying and its effects. 



Nikki R. Miller, is the CEO & President of NRM Faith Based Films, LLC. She is an up and coming Screenwriter, Producer and Author who already wears the hat of an Actress as well as Singer Songwriter for which she has done since the early nineties. She was born and raised in Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida and lived there most of her life until moving to Nashville, Tennessee in 2004. She then relocated along with her husband Johnny and sons, Jamar and Jarvis to Atlanta, Georgia in 2015 to be a little closer to family and further pursue their careers.

Nikki first got her taste in the entertainment world when she became a student at John Casablanca Model & Talent School in Tampa, Florida in the early nineties. And then had the privilege of being signed to a few reputable talent agencies for which she had the opportunity of gaining some acting experience. She has extensive training in acting and singing, two things she loves doing; however, has come to the fact that writing loves her.  


Behind the scenes, Nikki is not only a devoted wife and mother of two young adult sons, but also a devoted servant in her church, World Harvest Church of Roswell, as well. In addition to these behind-the-scenes roles, this boss lady is a licensed Realtor in the state of Georgia. Nikki is also in the process of organizing and setting up a foundation for youth who have experienced sexual abuse called “The Healing Hearts Foundation, Inc.”, another instruction mandated by God in August of 2017. Her organization will mentor and support youth who are currently or were victims of child sexual abuse, with the goal in mind of teaching them personal growth and development while coinciding with the word of God. Each participant of THHF's program will need to have an interest in the film industry to participate. This aspect of her endeavors is important because she was molested as a little girl by family members; however, with God's help, forgave those family members. Nikki wholeheartedly feels, if her stories pierce the heart of at least one person, then she has done what God has called her to do, and that is to help hurting families heal.

“Everyone has inside them a piece of good news. The good news is you don't know how great you can be! How much you can love! What you can accomplish! And what your potential is!”

~Anne Frank

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